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Remote Education

The DfE (Department for Education) have asked all schools that where a class, group of pupils, or individual pupils need to self-isolate due to COVID-19, or there are local or national restrictions requiring pupils to remain at home, schools are expected to provide immediate access to remote education.

Have a read of the following document which provides answers to questions you may have regarding our remote education provision.


As a school, we have decided to opt for Adobe Connect, Zoom and IXL to deliver remote education. 

We advise parents/guardians to install the latest version of the Adobe Connect application. You can find the latest version here:

You can download the latest Zoom application here:

This will ensure that the latest safeguards are in place while your child is online.

Safeguarding is our greatest priority whether the children are at school or online. Therefore we urge parents to read the E-Safety section of our website wherein we have included parent guides and some important links for you to read before the remote sessions commence.



About us
The Muslim was likened to the Date Palm due to the abundance of it’s goodness, the continuity of it’s shade, the goodness of it’s fruit and it’s presence throughout the year. Just like the Date Palm Tree we want to cultivate children who can be fruitful wherever they are.