Greenfield Rd branch: 020 3989 5888

Mile End Rd branch: 020 3302 5236
Philpot St branch: 020 7780 9667

80-82 Greenfield Road E1 1EJ

82-88 Mile End Road E1 4UN
15 Philpot Street E1 2DS


8:15am - 3:15pm

Our Curriculum


Nasheed is a key part of our curriculum offer.  We teach weekly singing lessons that last thirty minutes. The lessons focus mainly on melody and rhythm. Children also learn how to play the daff (a frame drum) expressively and in rhythm. Performing and visual arts also play a significant part within our curriculum with a whole-school summer production every year, often drawing upon our rich and varied culture and staff expertise.

About us
The Muslim was likened to the Date Palm due to the abundance of it’s goodness, the continuity of it’s shade, the goodness of it’s fruit and it’s presence throughout the year. Just like the Date Palm Tree we want to cultivate children who can be fruitful wherever they are.