Phishing is commonly seen within emails and increasingly across social media, including YouTube. It’s best described as a scam using social engineering tricks (urgency, fear, panic) to coax you into revealing personal information (account details, name, bank details etc.) for criminal purposes. Smishing is exactly the same but it is conducted via SMS (text message). Don’t ask me who comes up with this terminology, there’s a 3rd one called Vishing, which is phishing via voicemail. Smishing is on the increase hugely and some of the texts are very convincing, I have almost fallen for 1 or 2 myself. The common ones you will see at the moment are related to deliveries (e.g. DPD and Royal Mail parcel deliveries) and as I order a lot (too much!!) from Amazon it’s easy to think the text may be genuine.

It’s important to make children aware of this, particularly older children who will undoubtedly be ordering online. There’s some further information on the Which website HERE and a short guide on how to spot a messaging scam HERE.