Twisted Toys

Imagine if all the harmful features of the digital world were in traditional toys. Welcome to the World of Twisted toys, a wonderland of excitement, experiences and exploitation. We pride ourselves in making toys that are addictive, risky and put you completely under our control.

This is the opening screen from a brand new service from the 5 Rights Foundation which is an amazing organisation who work with and on behalf of children to make systemic changes to the digital world ensuring it caters for children and young people.

Twisted Toys is an awareness-raising campaign and it is as quirky as it is brilliant. You really need to watch the short videos to understand what it’s all about. There’s Share Bear, Stalkie Talkie, My First Terms and Conditions, Wakey Wakey, Pocket Troll, Pay as you YoYo and more. For example “Stalkie Talkie – is the hand held, hi-tech toy that uses algorithms which match children with adult strangers. Press the button then just sit back and wait for billions of unknown people to find you. How do you tell if they’re a friend or a predator? We don’t know either!”

You could use the videos as conversation starters when talking about privacy and rights online with your child.

You can find the Twisted Toys website HERE.

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