Conch-Line Chronicles

A game to be aware of but NOT engage children with. Cunch Line (county line) Chronicles is “a light-hearted, satirical take on the darker side of urban UK culture.” The reality is it’s a game that glorifies a very serious issue and how these games make it into the app store is beyond me.

Essentially you play the part of a runner being chased by the police. It’s PEGI 18 rated and the graphics and gameplay are reminiscent of mid-1980’s 2-D animation. There aren’t any chat/communications features, apart from the ability to share your trophies/score across different messaging apps.

The chance of this game becoming popular is very small but it’s always good to be aware. I wouldn’t recommend engaging children with this but just keep your ear to the ground.

If you would like to take a look at the app, just to get an idea of what it looks like, you can view it on the Google Play Store HERE.