Megan is Missing

Megan is Missing is a film from 2011 which depicts the online grooming, abduction and assault of a high school student. It’s an awful film and there is a risk of significant trauma from watching it, but how it has become so popular all of a sudden is currently unknown.

Although there are variations, the main theme that users are seeing on their TikTok feeds is the challenge to watch the movie, which can be seen on YouTube and probably other platforms. Titles of videos tend to be the usual clickbait such as “Don’t watch this!!” which plays right into curiosity.

My advice is to not raise this with your children, but you could use it as an opportunity to talk about challenge videos as a whole, considering why people make these videos (money), why they share on social media (engagement to go viral to make money), examples of clickbait titles that are used and also use the opportunity to reiterate that if anyone is upset by anything they have seen, they can speak to their parents or adults in school.