The Digital Lives of School Children

New report – the digital lives of school children (in their own words)

Although the survey is carried out with secondary-aged students, the information is invaluable for primary/UKS2, particularly online safety and safeguarding leads.

The Cybersurvey is the largest survey in the UK and is carried out annually with nearly 15,000 children aged 11-17. Each year it picks up on new/key themes and knowing the issues that concern children and young people allows you to target those areas in the curriculum.

From the author, Adrienne Katz:
Harm from online content is the leading risk, with 25% seeing content talking about suicide, 29% seeing encouragement to bulk up their body, 23% seeing pro-anorexia content and 13% seeing content about self-harm. Racist and homophobic cyberaggression have both increased considerably since 2015.
While content encouraging anorexia has been on our radar in recent years, we now learn that even more young people report seeing material ‘encouraging me to bulk up my body’. Many of these teens also report seeing pro-anorexia content, suggesting a more complex pressure around body image.

Some of the other key findings this year are:

  • Online bullying has remained stable at 22%.
  • Content risk is more commonly experienced than contact risk.
  • The gap is widening between vulnerable and non-vulnerable teens.
  • Meet-ups are commonplace. 18% have done so and many are benign.

You can view/download the report HERE.

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